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Book Passage

In person, it’s often one of the most crowded places in the Ferry Building! Online, Book Passage has a variety of fun things for the bookish, including author conversations, classes and audiobooks.

My reading strategy for all this downtime has been to tackle the entirety of my favorite authors one by one. I’ve never been a trendsetter, though; as a rule, my favorite things are at least ten years behind the curve. Book Passage tends to keep their stock up to date, and special-ordered new copies of the last few Michael Crichton novels for me. (The last one came out in 2008. Whoops.)

Michael Crichton novels: Prey, Next, and State of Fear

By sheer coincidence, all of these novels are at least partially set between San Francisco and San José! My favorite by a good margin was Prey: it’s a really slow burner, but there isn’t a single detail out of place.

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