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Beijing Restaurant

Beijing Restaurant sets itself apart by offering Beijing-style Chinese food: no “chicken candy” here. Not even the standard paper carryout boxes- which means that portions are more generous than you might expect.

We intended at least three of these to be sides.

Dead center is my weakness, ma po tofu, so spicy that the chili oil separated and left a visible layer. Later, I took a bite of cold leftovers and started coughing immediately. I used to work in a hot sauce store, and I’m always trying to push my heat limits; I see this as an absolute win.

Simply delicious.

This was the spiciest dish. If you’re not into that, the milder food had a distinct richness to it as well. On the lower left is barbecue pork fried rice, which had larger pieces of meat in it than I’ve seen in similar dishes. Upper right is sauteed calamari, which tasted as bright as it looks. The purple pieces are seaweed!

The meal was excellent, and Beijing Restaurant may be our new favorite Chinese place.

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