Yama Sushi

Gaze, neighbors, on the spread Yama Sushi brought to us in less than half an hour and for under $100:

Guest starring complimentary miso soup.

A week later, I am still impressed- and can still recall the taste of the more unique rolls.

In the background is the Sushi for 2 Combo C4, featuring rolls that are standard, perhaps, but certainly fresh. The rolls in the closer box, with their insides facing upward, are the Spicy Scallop (great blending in the sauce, not too much mayo) and the Sabagari roll. If you’re a fan of the notably piquant negihama roll, I strongly recommend Sabagiri: mackerel and ginger turn out to be another match made in heaven.

For a delightful dine-in experience from a company that delivers on their slogan, show Yama Sushi some love!