Local Creator

The vax is here! This is the site’s future plan:

I started piecing together Stay Home, San Francisco years ago, while at my first work-from-home job. Then as now, I was gobsmacked every day by how good I felt, not noticing how much social anxiety I apparently have until it went away. Thus, the blog originally took the form of The Introvert’s Guide to San Francisco, and the concept was more optional. Every week would have the Extrovert track and the Introvert track: If you feel like going outside, it’s a great weekend to go see X. If not, here’s how to do something similar by yourself!

As social situations become increasingly safe, I will likely move back towards that concept. I don’t have a solid timeline yet and have learned from this year that it’s wiser not to set one. I still have a very long list of indoorsy things I’d like to review; I started assembling it ca. 2017. I am trying to rid my life completely of big box stores and entertainment, and our city consistently provides localized versions of both. I have a lot more content to create, and there are many more creators out there who deserve the press.

Here are some more specific plans:

  • Increase the site’s social media presence. I am bad at this, and do not currently have the time to focus on it. More content (and a chance for real life collabs) will make this easier. The day will come. (My contact link is in the description, by the way.)
  • Gift guides. I am told universally that I never give bad presents, and if I can make it that much easier for us and our neighbors to avoid Amazon, I absolutely will. These will likely come both as posts and as Pinterest boards.
  • I have had a pixie cut off and on since about 2002 because I had no idea how to treat my hair. It’s coming up on a year since my last cut and I still have no idea how to treat my hair, so I think that, when salons are back, I might do some spotlights. I’m undecided on whether I’ll keep it long- very suddenly, it has body that I could only dream about as a teen- so perhaps a slower shortening process is best.

    Thanks for reading, everyone! I’m excited to change things up soon.