I Don’t Even Own a Television

Earlier this year, I got completely hooked on 352 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, a podcast by RiffTrax alums that began with tearing Ready Player One to shreds and continued through all kinds of schlock. It’s delightful, but requires a bit of commitment: episodes cover only a few book chapters at once, and the age of the narrators sometimes comes through. At one point, Mike Nelson discusses how awkward it is to add non-English to English prose, taking pains to precisely pronounce “nye-ann cat”.

In comparison, I Don’t Even Own a Television feels like a book club with your neighbors, or one you’d overhear happening on BART; it has an undeniable Bay Area sheen. It covers similar ground much more digestibly, featuring a new book and a new cohost every week, allowing the listener to drop in on any episode without needing context. Discussions are honest without losing track of the show’s purpose: bad books, like the podcast itself, can be very entertaining.

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