Five Mountains

In a weird turn of events, I am trying to curb my caffeine intake at the same time that Boyfriend is trying to increase his. To borrow the concept of “from 0 to 60”, I was hitting 60 on the daily, and so was he, but only on work days. I’m now at about 45 on any given day, and he’s shooting for 30 on weekends to dodge the headaches that suddenly stopping short can give you.

Our vehicle of choice? Tea. And we went hard and bought the Five Mountains 100 pack.

Every flavor in the collection is remarkably strong and fresh-tasting. As will happen in a variety pack, we’re finding some hits and some misses, but we keep catching ourselves saying stuff like “Wow! I would really like this if I liked [chamomile]!”.

The absolute winners:

Bergamot Black, which I drank so quickly that I didn’t get a photo of it. Going solely on taste, it’s hard to nail down what bergamot is, but this was so delicious that I had to look it up to see if I might grow it myself (it’s a kind of citrus). Boyfriend said it smelled like perfume.

Genmaicha, which tastes like the tea on offer at our go-to date restaurant, Fuji.

Five Mountains genmaicha tea
I believe that’s toasted rice visible in the bag.

And Spring Jade, whose bags start off looking unassuming, filled only about a third with tiny, balled leaves. Add the water, however, and they unfurl like the background of a Rivera painting:

Five Mountains spring jade tea

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