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I’m not sure if you can strictly call it “discourse” when it occurs only between you and the singular other person you live with… but the discourse at home lately has been that I had no idea I had social anxiety until it went away. I’m almost never outside anymore, and when I am, peoples’ actions are much more predictable for the sake of everyone’s safety. The amount of weird worries that are no longer in my head has opened up a lot of mental space and energy that I didn’t know were there.

I’m trying to use it to gear up for reentry into a more social world, figuring out what makes me confident and leaning into it hard. Obviously, I needed this:

jacket reading "Bad Bitch with Anxiety"

Seriously, Perdita – thank you.

Perdita reminds me of a smaller, cozier, more handmade Urban Outfitters- they even offer a book club, and some of the cutest cards I’ve ever seen. I’m very pleased that they’re a neighbor of ours: simply put, they’ve got goods to make you feel good.

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