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Red’s Yaad

I feel like I’m pretty transparent that this is a good-reviews-only site, so of course you’d expect me to talk up any product you see posted. Red’s House hot sauce, though… this is a step above. It’s not a singular, passing “isn’t this nice” taste; I’ve put it on every appropriate thing I’ve eaten since I’ve opened the bottle, and it’s improved everything it’s touched.

Pizza by Blue Line, plate by minimal

I used to work in hot sauce retail, and though I can’t find ingredients listed for this liquid masterpiece, I’d guess that it’s at least half peppers and, of those, mostly chipotles. There’s very little vinegar taste. If the sourness of common hot sauce brands is a turnoff for you, Red’s House is a very palatable alternative. Deeply flavorful and not too extreme.

Show Red’s YaadRed’s House‘s product shop – some love! Their flavor profiles are excellent.