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We moved into our new place the week before the first lockdown, and we still have more room than we know what to do with. So many of these rooms were designed purely as social spaces, and we obtained them just as their raison d’etre disappeared. Thus we’ve been really dragging our feet on making them look the way we want… but we’ve also had a lot of time to think about how we should do that.

I haven’t had a mantel (or a fireplace) in years. The current plan is to cover it in vases. In the extra time I’d spend commuting or, you know, going outside, I have been making fake flowers and stuffing my small collection to the gills with them. When my friends are finally vaxxed and can come by, I’ll switch them out with the real thing, in a stunning rococo explosion of sight and scent.

My little sister, also a bit of a locavore with great taste, found me this gem at the SFMOMA Museum Store:

Marble tree on the right by minimal

This is no diamond in the rough, either: the rest of the site’s Living section has the kinds of products you’d see in high-fashion model homes, and often reads like an upscale IKEA. I’ll take it all, thanks.

For more showstopping pieces like this, show the SFMOMA Museum Store some love!