The Baconer

East Bay specialty shop The Baconer does not disappoint. Pray for my arteries.

The XXL Bacon Steaks sold us, so we made them first, and the images really speak for themselves:

BLT with The Baconer's XXL bacon steaks
“Placemat” by Jenny Lemons
I can’t be the only one who misses food truck style food…

Second place goes to the maple sugar strips, which smell like almost exactly like sweet potato casserole as they cook. It’d be a great addition for a holiday breakfast… or an April fool’s meal.

We bought a variety pack that arrived 2 days later. This is one of our most satisfying impulse buys of the year; it’s also among the ones that arrived fastest.

Show The Baconer some love- and also check out their blog and recipes! There’s quite a bit of lore here that isn’t strictly defined by the product.