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Recipe: Cucumber salad

Snixy Kitchen’s sesame ginger miso cucumber salad was a bit of an adventure to make the first time. It was also the first time I used a spiralizer, and I’d bought the wrong tool for the job: a $5 single piece of plastic found on a standee at the grocery store, closer in function to a giant pencil sharpener. It reduced the cucumbers to something resembling the world’s saddest glass noodles.

But that particular salad was so delicious that it’s since made it into our weekly rotation. The ginger in the dressing has become a craving. The lighter-weight cucumber flavor rounds out the down-to-earth beans, the carrot playing through to counterbalance the textures of both.

Now, I routinely make lower-tech versions that look more like this, and still taste better than they look:

Craving that dressing just writing about it, tbh.

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