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On the Bridge

Japantown’s On the Bridge is open – and, to hear the staff tell it, as busy as they’ve ever been! It got a bit too crowded for decent food photos. It’s just as well; I could look at the bar all day:

stuffed animals behind the bar at On The Bridge
bottles behind the bar at On The Bridge

It’s hard to see here, but the red light on the minion was a projection with a changing message. Every so often, it just said “CURRY!!” – which was exactly how I felt about mine. Delicious! Good proportions! Wide variety of seafood! And given that we’d just had honey garlic wings for an app (also great), not only reasonably spicy, but spicy with an entirely different flavor profile.

For a wide variety of interesting Japanese fusion dishes, show On The Bridge some love! They have definitely earned their popularity.