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Golden Gate Park Bison Paddock

Never underestimate the intelligence of animals, neighbors.

Boyfriend mentioned wanting to check the bison out, so I pulled up the livestream to see if we could save the Muni fare. We saw literally nothing. It’s hard to have a bad time in Golden Gate Park, though, so we lowered our expectations and went anyway.

It turned out that those buffalo gals had placed themselves both as far away from the humans as possible and out of sight of the camera, relaxing in the most privacy they could manage:

bison in their paddock at Golden Gate Park

Still, they drew a sizeable crowd, mostly other locals who didn’t know their full story taking a pause on a run or a bike ride. It’s a quieter (and, surprisingly, not smelly) part of the park – a relaxing way to spend a coffee break or longer.

To guarantee something to see, I’d recommend checking the bison out in person instead of online, but there’s plenty of additional information on their livestream page. Definitely show it some love!