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San Francisco’s best Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are awesome. Their contents capture the neighborhood’s thoughts and opinions in a tiny box: someone near you read this and enjoyed it enough to circulate it. You can browse them without worrying about bothering other patrons or pushy sales clerks, and even if you don’t find something for you, you’re sure to see something interesting. Not to mention, of course, that you can’t beat free.

Here are the Little Free Libraries I’ve found and enjoyed in town. Some of these are on personal property, so I’m fudging the addresses a bit for privacy’s sake:

  • 44th and Vicente. There’s an incredibly serene aura around this part of town on the weekends. I recommend walking down the hill to clear your head, then filling it with something you might find here.
  • There are four in as many blocks in another part of town with great weekend vibes: 11th and Balboa – one right on the corner, one mid-street and arguably closer to Anza, 10th and Cabrillo, and 9th and Cabrillo.
  • In the corner near the outdoor seating at Canyon Market. Also right next to Bird & Beckett, if the freebies don’t look like winners, but they should.
  • Hidden in the parking lot at Waldorf High, near the St. Francis Circle M/K stop. This one also collects food and toys!
  • Across the street from the Corbin Street Steps, bright green and hard to miss.
  • A beautiful box in front of a beautiful Victorian (?) at the end of the bridge at Arlington and Highgate
  • Anza and 33rd, which has an excellent energy and even gets dressed up for Halloween.
Little Free Library on Anza St.