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Where to find the best salsa in SF

  • El Rancho Grande in the Haight provides chips with every meal, alongside an excellent spicy red sauce. (You’ll have to trust me on this one; they don’t appear to have their own website.)
  • El Toreador in West Portal, whose table salsa is as bright and somehow cohesive as their interior. Boyfriend and I went through two bowls the last time we were there!
  • Burrito Loco, also in West Portal, has an unbelievably fresh pico de gallo. It tastes like of the ingredients came straight from a garden!
  • Taqueria La Iguana Azul in the Excelsior district. If I see camarones a la diabla on a menu, I’m absolutely getting it (and I did, as pictured). Their salsa tastes identical to the diabla sauce: devilishly spicy and completely addictive.
camarones a la diabla