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San Francisco’s best Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are awesome. Their contents capture the neighborhood’s thoughts and opinions in a tiny box: someone near you read this and enjoyed it enough to circulate it. You can browse them without worrying about bothering other patrons or pushy sales clerks, and even if you don’t find something for you, you’re sure to […]

Castro What To Do In...

Pink Triangle Memorial

The Pink Triangle Memorial is tucked in a quiet pocket between always-busy Market Street and loud and proud Castro. At the right time of day, the streets around it feel fairly remote, and the views from it are awe-inspiring. It’s a perfect site for a deeply moving piece of art. The Memorial is for LGBT+ […]

Golden Gate Park Virtual Sightseeing What To Do In...

Golden Gate Park Bison Paddock

Never underestimate the intelligence of animals, neighbors. Boyfriend mentioned wanting to check the bison out, so I pulled up the livestream to see if we could save the Muni fare. We saw literally nothing. It’s hard to have a bad time in Golden Gate Park, though, so we lowered our expectations and went anyway. It […]

Glen Park Shop Small What To Do In...

Bird & Beckett

Some time before the pandemic, I found myself on a 38 bus that stalled. The driver made a long announcement and pulled over. I was on the reread of As I Lay Dying that confirmed it as my favorite novel of all time. I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening; I was deep […]

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Great SF spots for playing “I Spy”

If you enjoy lots of intimate details in limited spaces, have I got a treat for you. I started making this list because all of these joints basically hypnotized me: West Portal’s El Toreador, above. I spy an interesting use for a colander. West Portal’s Cole Valley Antiques, which warrants at least three walkthroughs. I […]

Local Flavor Pac Heights What To Do In...

The City Taqueria

My go-to Mexican food order, when they’re available, is camarones a la diabla and watermelon agua fresca. Hidden in plain sight on Divisadero, The City Taqueria, bless them, hooked me up with both- and the best version of either I’ve had in months. A very fresh-tasting drink, and a good ratio of burning food to […]

Shop Small West Portal What To Do In...

Cole Valley Antiques

Years ago, a Cole Valley Antiques employee explained the standard antique store system to me. Most of them have a central checkout station surrounded by a ton of little enclaves; each of those spaces is rented to an individual specialty seller. The result is what makes Cole Valley Antiques particularly hypnotic: you’re not looking at […]

Fisherman's Wharf Shop Small What To Do In...

BowWow and Kitty Too

BowWow and Kitty Too fills a really interesting niche. It’s a standard tourist personalization store, but their products aren’t customized for you: they’re customized for your pets. Start with your best friend’s breed and you can find a huge variety of products in an equally huge variety of styles, often leaning towards the psychedelic. For […]

Japantown Shop Small What To Do In...


It goes without saying that the service in Japantown is unparalleled. Unprompted, free of charge, the Asakichi staff offered to wrap our things, and we left with most of our purchases looking crisp and colorful: definitely a better wrapping job than I could do. Which is kind of a problem, because we also bought these […]

Japantown Local Flavor What To Do In...

On the Bridge

Japantown’s On the Bridge is open – and, to hear the staff tell it, as busy as they’ve ever been! It got a bit too crowded for decent food photos. It’s just as well; I could look at the bar all day: It’s hard to see here, but the red light on the minion was […]