Local Flavor Pac Heights What To Do In...

The City Taqueria

My go-to Mexican food order, when they’re available, is camarones a la diabla and watermelon agua fresca. Hidden in plain sight on Divisadero, The City Taqueria, bless them, hooked me up with both- and the best version of either I’ve had in months. A very fresh-tasting drink, and a good ratio of burning food to […]

Shop Small West Portal What To Do In...

Cole Valley Antiques

Years ago, a Cole Valley Antiques employee explained the standard antique store system to me. Most of them have a central checkout station surrounded by a ton of little enclaves; each of those spaces is rented to an individual specialty seller. The result is what makes Cole Valley Antiques particularly hypnotic: you’re not looking at […]

Fisherman's Wharf Shop Small What To Do In...

BowWow and Kitty Too

BowWow and Kitty Too fills a really interesting niche. It’s a standard tourist personalization store, but their products aren’t customized for you: they’re customized for your pets. Start with your best friend’s breed and you can find a huge variety of products in an equally huge variety of styles, often leaning towards the psychedelic. For […]

Japantown Shop Small What To Do In...


It goes without saying that the service in Japantown is unparalleled. Unprompted, free of charge, the Asakichi staff offered to wrap our things, and we left with most of our purchases looking crisp and colorful: definitely a better wrapping job than I could do. Which is kind of a problem, because we also bought these […]

Japantown Local Flavor What To Do In...

On the Bridge

Japantown’s On the Bridge is open – and, to hear the staff tell it, as busy as they’ve ever been! It got a bit too crowded for decent food photos. It’s just as well; I could look at the bar all day: It’s hard to see here, but the red light on the minion was […]

Marina What To Do In...

Presidio Bowl

Boyfriend and I have finally discovered the secret to Presidio Bowl‘s popularity: you pay by time, when you leave – not by game. Without the pressure to destroy my partner in a limited number of rolls, I found myself really nailing down the most effective ways to move my body. I’m a better, more mindful […]

Glen Park Local Flavor What To Do In...

Tekka House

Tekka House, near the Glen Park BART, is kind of a fish out of water. It’s inland a bit, but the interior would have you believe it’s oceanfront: The menu is partly traditional and partly inventive. Boyfriend said his ramen was possibly the best he’s had stateside. I have never tried whitefish with mango and […]

Local Flavor West Portal What To Do In...


Fuji is open, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great location for rarer seafood specialties (salmon collar and o-toro, complete with gold leaf, to name a few) and, as it turns out, the lighting is extremely appropriate for photos. For an excellent Japanese meal, show Fuji some love!

Japantown Local Flavor What To Do In...


Japantown’s Izumiya is open for dining in! The glaze on the bento box I had was delightful, rich and smoky. If there’s an al dente equivalent for shellfish, the squid was cooked just to it – nothing rubbery here. My friend got an impressively loaded okonomiyaki that came with a wide array of accoutrements. The […]

Shop Small SoMa What To Do In...

SFMOMA Museum Store

We moved into our new place the week before the first lockdown, and we still have more room than we know what to do with. So many of these rooms were designed purely as social spaces, and we obtained them just as their raison d’etre disappeared. Thus we’ve been really dragging our feet on making […]