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de Young & Legion of Honor Museum Store

What’s black and white and surrealist all over? This gift for my dad, modeled on a Picasso: Lately he’s on a kick for “mugs with faces”; he’s had a single one on his desk probably since I’ve been alive. This is the first I’ve heard of him wanting to expand the collection… and more power […]

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Recchiuti Confections

The Craft Chocolate Experience was the week before the first shutdown this year. Boyfriend and I were sure to make note of all the local chocolate producers: we were roundly and thoroughly impressed. Chocolate is Recchiuti‘s mainstay, of course, but they also have a shockingly gorgeous ace up their sleeves: Pates de Fruits. Don’t let […]

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If you’re in the market for holiday ornaments, Gump’s has some real winners. They’ve given me both the most interesting thing on my tree and possibly the best photo I’ve taken this year: Show Gump’s some love!

Ingleside Local Flavor What To Do In...


Emmy’s is our go-to place for delivery Chinese, so immersed in our monthly routine that I forget that perhaps people haven’t heard of it. The food is consistently good and the delivery is usually early. For a long time, their half-Roast Duck was a mainstay for me, and I still think it’s one of the […]

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I discovered beekind honey years ago, to help with Boyfriend’s and my seasonal allergies. The theory goes that ingesting bee-processed pollen from your area will ease your body into accepting raw pollen. Aided by beekind’s highly specific source regions, we’ve definitely seen some improvement. If allergies and regions are not concerns for you, the San […]

Ingleside Local Flavor What To Do In...

Yama Sushi

Gaze, neighbors, on the spread Yama Sushi brought to us in less than half an hour and for under $100: A week later, I am still impressed- and can still recall the taste of the more unique rolls. In the background is the Sushi for 2 Combo C4, featuring rolls that are standard, perhaps, but […]

Daly City Local Flavor What To Do In...

Tani’s Kitchen

Tani’s Kitchen has become one of our mainstays, offering high quality Japanese food for very reasonable prices. I am hooked on the sushi, which is always fresh, never too cold, and crafted authentically. Boyfriend likes the katsu curries, and I can’t blame him. Look at that beautiful golden-brown crust: Before… …and after, covered in a […]

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Wholesome Bakery

All of Wholesome Bakery‘s offerings are gluten-free and vegan. They are also unbelievably gorgeous. The almond tea cake is fluffy and well-balanced and tastes almost exactly like marzipan. The banana chocolate loaf smells as good as it looks, dense and vibrant and flavorful, with a stronger emphasis on the fruit than the chocolate. Show Wholesome […]

Balboa Park Local Flavor What To Do In...

Beijing Restaurant

Beijing Restaurant sets itself apart by offering Beijing-style Chinese food: no “chicken candy” here. Not even the standard paper carryout boxes- which means that portions are more generous than you might expect. Dead center is my weakness, ma po tofu, so spicy that the chili oil separated and left a visible layer. Later, I took […]

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Book Passage

In person, it’s often one of the most crowded places in the Ferry Building! Online, Book Passage has a variety of fun things for the bookish, including author conversations, classes and audiobooks. My reading strategy for all this downtime has been to tackle the entirety of my favorite authors one by one. I’ve never been […]